Podcast #114 – Proud to Wish You “Happy Holidays” 2

Here we are a day past the Winter Solstice, with lots of food stored up from the summer and fall crops thriving on Veg Hill. At three days and counting before celebrating the birth of the man we embrace as Savior, we’re distinctly in a holiday mood. At the same time, though, we celebrate our love for dear friends and family members who are Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, and just generally apathetic. Pardon us if we have no interest in changing the faith of our friends, any more than we would want them trying to change ours. That’s why we can handle being so close to people whose faith is different from ours and why we reject the kind of weak, anemic faith that thinks God can’t handle it too.

Three days from now, we will celebrate the birth more than 2000 years ago of a miraculous baby to a bewildered teenage bride and her almost comically trusting husband. That makes December the 25th a special day indeed for us. If other days are the special ones for you, good for you. Here’s to the differences that make humanity fun.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #114 – Proud to Wish You “Happy Holidays”

  • Jonathon Meeks

    Xmas is not at all an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas; it’s the original spelling of the word. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xmas

    I see daily on facebook those don’t take Christ out of Christmas messages and I find them very annoying. Thank y’all for not shoving Christmas down peoples throats. Surely other non-Christians appreciate this also!

  • Lee

    Thanks Jonathon,

    You’re very kind, and we appreciate it. We’ve gotten considerable favorable response from non-Christians and a good number of Christians as well.