Monthly Archives: July 2010

First Use of the Clothesline 5

The clothesline is basically my project. Amanda has never been excited about it. Whenever the question of laundry comes up, I’ll say something like “we won’t be using the dryer for long anyway.” And then Amanda always adds sweetly, “Well, we’ll still be using the dryer for some things.” I […]

More Compost Than Garbage 1

This is nothing special for some of you, because it’s the way you’ve lived for years. For us, though, this is a big deal. We had a dinner party for 10 people Saturday night. When it was over, we had three good sized bags of compost and only a few […]

Podcast #38 – Cover Crops at the Crossroads 3

We’re committed to using cover crops whenever and wherever we’re not in active cultivation. The sunn hemp is doing well on the east side of Veg Hill. Now we must decide what to grow on the west side after the summer crops peter out. Cowpeas? Daikon radish? Rye? Something else? […]