AUM Class on Vegetable Gardening

For the benefit of the students at AUM who attended our workshop today on Vegetable Gardening in Alabama, here’s the link to the PowerPoint on SlideBoom.

Here’s the information on squash varieties that Amanda wanted to share with you:

Here is what Southern Exposure included in their seed catalogue about
squash species: C. pepo and C. maxima species are susceptible to vine
borers; C moschata and C. argyrosperma (C. mixta) have good resistance
to vine borers and cucumber beetles. That means I will face more
challenges if I plant yellow squash, zucchini (C. pepo) and Big Max
pumpkin (C. maxima) than if I plant butternut, trombocino, Tan Cheese
pumpkin (C. mochata) and Green- Striped Cushaw (C. argyrosperma).


And here’s the document entitled “Tomato Varieties – Growth Habits and Disease Resistance,” originally developed by Tony Glover and then updated and revised by Chip East. For reasons we cannot fathom, it’s not now available on the ACES web site, but it’s available here!

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