Working to make our farm, our systems, and ourselves as sturdy as possible so we can survive one or more unexpected events and continue in relative comfort and safety.

Our Energy Philosophy 1

It may be a little grandiose for husband and wife farmers to have a philosophy about anything, but that hasn’t stopped us. Come to think of it, it hasn’t even slowed us down. So here’s how we’re approaching the use and production of energy on our farm.

Why We Need (Real) Family Farms

Amanda and I had to miss the Southern SAWG (Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) meeting in Chattanooga this year, and we regret that. I regret it more after reading this morning the keynote address to the conference from John Ikerd. He stated in clear and articulate language what many of […]

Managing a Non-Farm Business on the Farm 3

Our original vision for Longleaf Breeze was that both of us would be full-time subsistence farmers. That was before. That was before the brutal shakeout in market performance depleted the value of our investments, leaving us at once both poorer and more humble. So now we know that, at least […]