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We enjoy posting to the blog, but our habit has been to focus on one issue in a post. We hope we can use our podcast each week to fill you in on all the adventures we’re having, even those that don’t make it into a blog post.

We try to publish a new program on Thursday of each week. If you’re new to podcasts, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t need an iPod or mp3 player to listen. Any computer connected to the Internet will be fine.

We’d love for you to listen and let us know what you think! Look for the link that says “Longleaf Breeze Weekly Podcast” to the left and near the top of each page. And here are some links that may be helpful:

Longleaf Breeze Podcast Home Page

Program 000 – Introduction

Program 001 – Deer Fence

Program 002 – 1st Principle: Approaching But Never Reaching Subsistence

Program 003 – 2nd Principle: It’s Gotta Be Fun While We’re Doing It

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About the Podcast:

Our Announcer, Adrian Lee Borden

How We Produce the Podcast, Step by Step

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