Early Prep of Veg Hill for Deer Fence

I was cleaning the video camera off yesterday because it was full, and I came across some old files from November. Great fun to see what we were doing then and how Veg Hill has changed.

We had no idea when we ordered the deer fence components from McGregor Fence Co. in November how long it would take us to get around to installing them. Surely we will have the fence installed by Christmas! Oh well . . .

But we were full of hope and great expectations in November. Our daughter Adrian (the announcer on the Longleaf Breeze Weekly Podcast) and her boyfriend Kenny Seliger were with us for a brief visit, and they went to work using the Measuring Twins to figure out exactly where we could run the deer fence line, where we could use existing trees, and where we needed to sink posts to fill in the gaps. A day or two later, after Adrian and Kenny were gone, Amanda and I worked to clear some pines on the SW corner of Veg Hill to open up the view and to allow Tractor access around the perimeter of the fence (essential for keeping the fenceline maintained).

I would haveĀ  been glad to pile up the trees we cut and let them dry for several weeks before trying to burn them, but that is not the way of the other Farmer Borden; no, get anything more than a stick or two in one place and Amanda is ready to burn. Now. So burn we did. (I’m a firm believer in and advocate of the “Yes dear” strategy of marital relations.)

The little video runs about 4:30. Hope you enjoy it.

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