We’ve had several good days at the farm, and there’s much to tell you about. What means the most to many of our family and friends, though, is that the plumbing work is largely complete. And that means the toilet is working.

It was soon after we finished drilling our well a year ago (238 ft., approximately 19 gal./minute) that we had an outdoor spigot available where we could draw water for drinking and washing. And it seems like forever that we have been looking longingly at those stubbed out openings in our shop, kitchen and bathroom, knowing that one day, ONE DAY, they would be functioning faucets and toilets.

That day arrived this week, Thursday to be exact, when Scott, Rex, and James from Teel Plumbing installed our utility sink, kitchen sink, bathroom lavatory, and of course that much-discussed toilet.

Truth to tell, the toilet is not nearly so powerful a development for me as it is for my bride, and even in her case, it’s not so much for her, because the woman I love has become more or less content with all the hygiene comfort the great outdoors has to offer. It means everything to her, however, when it comes to welcoming the guests she wants to invite to visit us at the farm. Remember, this is a woman who recognizes and embraces her primary gift from the Holy Spirit to be that of hospitality.

For me, the all-important day has not yet arrived. That will be the day when not only the plumbing but also the tankless water heater is working, because on that day we will feel comfortable taking a shower after a hard day’s work and spending the night at the farm. I’m not sure how I will celebrate that day, but if I’m smart and truly attentive, we will celebrate it with an earnest prayer of thanksgiving.

This video is short and simple, running about 1:15. Can you tell we’re fired up?

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One thought on “FLUSH!

  • Joe

    Alright, I can’t help but be excited seeing this video. This hairbrained scheme of yours might just work!