Installing 27-ft I-beams . . . alone 2

It has been a joy to watch the progress on the lodge up the hill from the barn where Amanda and I live. So far, each of the contractors has been friendly, masterful, and conscientious.

One in particular stands out, though: Scott Ruppert. We call him a framer, but that’s too limiting. Scott is the guy who has the big picture on the lodge, who knows what contractors ought to be coming next and what they will need to get their work done.

The family room in the lodge is a big boy, about 25 ft by 36 ft. We opted to use i-beams to span it, even though we probably could have gotten by with laminated 2 x 8s or 2 x 10s. Scott scheduled a helper for the job of getting the i-beams installed, but predictably, the helper didn’t show, so Scott made do without him.

I walked in after he had installed about half the i-beams and had the chance to see how he was doing it. After I watched a couple go up, I ran down the hill and fetched my video camera so I could share it with you.

Scott never provides us an estimate in advance. He just tells us what to pay him when he finishes. I’ve never been unpleasantly surprised by one of his bills, and more than once I’ve been surprised he charged me so little.

Scott is active mostly in the area around Tallassee and Lake Martin, in Elmore and Tallapoosa Counties. His telephone number is 334-415-9141. We recommend him without reservation.

The video runs about four minutes and takes you all the way through the installation of one i-beam and then on to the next.

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2 thoughts on “Installing 27-ft I-beams . . . alone

  • Melanie

    Thank you for acknowledging my husband’s hard work. He works harder than any man I have ever seen. He also framed and roofed the new apart of our home….ALONE. He has nothing but kind words to say and really thinks the world of both you. I hope someday I have the pleasure of meeting you.

  • Lee

    Hi Melanie,

    Let’s plan on it! As we’re nearing the end of the lodge construction, we’ll get with you and Scott and plan on a time when you can come for dinner and see some more of his handiwork.