Lake Calendar

There’s No Calendar Here

Most of you know that, for many years, we tried to embed here the Google Calendar we use to keep up with which family is using the lake when. To be honest, it never worked well. It’s easy to embed a public Google Calendar on a website, but embedding a calendar that you’re not willing to share with the world is fraught with difficulty. So we’ve given up. We’re just asking everyone to use Google Calendar to check the availability of the lake on the dates you’re interested in.

I have registered every email address I know anyone to be using so that all of us – but only we – can see the calendar. If you’re not able to see “Lake” as one of the available calendars when you open Google Calendar, notify me, Lee Borden. I’ll work with you to make sure you can see it.

Once you know what dates you want, ask your family rep to make the change for you on the calendar. The family reps are:

  • Jennifer for the Toms
  • Ruffin for the Ruffins
  • Lee for the Lees