Farm Data

Here’s the data about Longleaf Breeze. If there’s something missing, let us know and we’ll try to add it.

Plant Hardiness Zone: 8A. Sunset Zone 31.
Latitude: 32.5 degrees N Longitude: 85.5 degrees W
Altitude: Variable from 255 ft. to 390 ft. Cultivation areas are about 350 ft.
Average Rainfall: 52 in. per year Average Heating Degree Days: 2,400 Average Cooling Degree Days: 2,800 Average last frost: April 1. Average first frost: October 30.
Growing Season: 212 days.
Soil Type: The majority of the property and all the growing areas are classified as “rolling and hilly coastal plain,” and the soil on it is called “rains loamy sand.”
Percentage probability of sunshine (data from National Climatic Data Center are for Montgomery, AL, approximately 25 miles SW of Longleaf Breeze):
Jan     47%
Feb     52%
Mar     59%
Apr     65%
May    63%
Jun     62%
Jul      61%
Aug     63%
Sep     62%
Oct     64%
Nov     55%
Dec     49%

Annual average probability: 58%
Total land area: 88 acres +/-
Area on Veg Hill (row crop vegetable production inside barrier deer fence): 1/4 acre
Total area of cultivation including orchards: 1.6 acres
Average chilling hours (CUs): 1000, but we suspect this is out of date. We look for an average of more like 7-800 per year.