Preparing For Your Interview

Thanks for agreeing to talk with us on the Longleaf Breeze podcast. This page and those to which it links will guide you in preparing for the conversation. Our goal is the same as yours, to produce the most informative interview possible with the highest fidelity possible. Your ideas and knowledge are important; that’s why we’ve asked you to join us on the program. We want to make sure your listeners can clearly understand what you have to say.

Our podcast typically runs about 20 minutes, and if we leave a little time for us to introduce you, that leaves about 18 minutes for our conversation, although one of the nice things about podcasts is that we’re able to be flexible. Barring something unusual, we don’t try to edit the conversation after we record it. We just play it from the first question to the last. You don’t need to worry about the clock; we’ll watch the time as we’re talking with you.

There are several ways to record your thoughts, and not surprisingly, the more work you’re willing to do, the more satisfactory the results will be. Fortunately, the financial cost of excellent fidelity is zero; it’s mainly a question of your willingness to spend your time. We know that not everyone has the same system for weighing costs and benefits, though, so we’ve given you two basic choices:

I’m very busy, and I want to do this as quickly and as simply as I can, investing as little of my time as possible.

I’m very busy, but I have access to an iPhone 4s or newer and one additional cell phone or land line to use for the call, and I’m willing to use it to make my voice sound better.

In any event, we love pictures! Ideally, you would be able to provide us with a nice portrait of you as well as a snapshot or other photo that shows you actually working in the field we’re discussing with you. We like to run them both so our listeners get a real sense of who you are and what you do.