Organic Moments: Planting a Rabbiteye Blueberry

Amanda and I are both pursuing our advanced master gardener certification, mine in organic home-scale fruit production and hers in organic home-scale vegetable production.

Every advanced master gardener commits to share what he or she learns, and the primary way Amanda and I are doing that is by creating short videos available to the public. As I write this, we’ve now finished eight of them. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t told you about these yet, because we’re proud of them.

We’re using the title “Organic Moments,” and the emphasis is on simple, chemical-free methods that anyone can use to enjoy wholesome home-grown fruits and vegetables. Our daughter Adrian Lee Olson is the announcer, and our son-in-law Elion Olson wrote the music, a beguiling guitar riff called “Bama Sunshine.”

Here’s the first video, “Planting a Rabbiteye Blueberry,” which runs 5:39. I’ll tell you about additional videos as we produce them.

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