Organic Moments – Japanese Maple Grafting

You can challenge me on our including an Organic Moments video on Japanese maples: it’s not about food, and it’s not even strictly organic, because you’ll see some fungicide applied to the grafts.

That having been said, though, it’s one of our most popular videos so far, and I’m particularly proud of the simple, clear explanation Peggy DeArman provides about how to graft a Japanese maple. I truly think you could start with this video and have a good chance of producing some successful grafts of your own right away.

You may also notice that all the Organic Moments videos have subtitles now. I’m also proud that we’ve been able to do that, because not only does it make them more accessible to everyone, it also makes them easier to find on search engines.

The Japanese maple video runs 5:39. Love to hear what you think of it!

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