Organic Moments Video – Planting Centipedegrass in Alabama 1

We knew that as soon as we cleared the section of land on either side of the driveway for parking, we needed to get some grass planted on it. We chose centipede because it’s well adapted for central Alabama, it’s drought and shade tolerant, and it’s pretty easy to please once it’s established. The video runs about four and a half minutes and includes work by our daughter Adrian (our go-to announcer) and her husband Elion, who wrote and performed the signature music for Organic Moments.

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  • Joseph P. Noel

    Dear Lee and Amanda,

    I just wanted to leave a post saying how much I enjoy listening each and every week to your podcasts and also visiting your website. I’ve included some information about me below. I am an avid gardener since the age of 5 when my great grandmother who survived through the depression without a husband and six kids by bootlegging and growing her own food. I now live in San Diego but grew up in Western PA. I’m a bit of an amateur homesteader at the moment growing a variety of vegetables and fruits. As you may notice, I am also a biologist/biochemist specializing in the study of plants and their amazing chemodiversity and environmental adaptability.

    Your podcasts are an inspiration to a gardener and scientist!

    Joseph P. Noel, Ph.D.
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