Podcast #101 – The Database Is Back!

We were proud to launch The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database two years ago, because we knew how helpful it could be to us and to others as well.

We must apologize for failing to keep it updated during the summer; we just let other things get in the way, and we’re sorry. We’ve restored it effective with the fall veg, however, and we pledge to do a better job keeping it current. This episode ran long, because it turned into a comprehensive report about the performance of each of the categories planted on Veg Hill over the summer. We hope you understand.

Listen – 25:15

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The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

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Please note:

Beginning next week, the podcast will move from Wednesdays back to Thursdays. Sorry to keep moving it around, but we have a regular Wednesday meeting now that’s making it difficult to produce the podcast that day. Thanks for being patient with us!

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