Podcast #111 – Emerald Mountain Garden Club

Amanda and I made our first presentation as Master Gardeners this week, to the Emerald Mountain Garden Club near Wetumpka.

It was a delightful evening, and we were proud to be part of it. Amanda and I spoke Monday evening to a gathering of about 20 club members. We talked about the challenges of growing organically, why organic gardening is more fun, and a little about our simple lifestyle. We left plenty of time for questions and answers and got some GREAT questions from the group. Amanda is having conversations with several club members about arranging a time for them to come to see us at the farm in the spring or summer.

This week’s podcast is a reprise of the presentation. The best way to enjoy it is to click on the link below and follow along with the slides as we move through the topics.

Listen – 28:06

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