Podcast #113 – Real Books Will Matter Again

We plead guilty. We’re as dependent as anyone else on 24/7 electronic media; more, perhaps, because we’re out in the country where getting access to quality printed information is a little like trying to make a decent soup with grocery store tomatoes.

We’re already connecting the dots. We realize that with the arrival of peak oil, climate change, and too many people for our little Spaceship Earth to support, a reliable electrical grid and ubiquitous 24/7 servers will eventually become a fond but distant memory. When we can no longer log on at any time of the day or night to find out how deep to plant winter squash, or learn how to build a chicken tractor, or simply amuse ourselves for a few minutes, we expect books, yes, e’en they of the black ink on white paper variety – to enjoy a renaissance.

We’re installing as many bookshelves as we can in the lodge. For the first time in our adult lives, we expect to have all the books we own out on shelves where we can find them and read them. This will be a relief and a revolution for us; both of us love books, and we’ve been forced to store at least some of them in boxes everywhere we’ve lived.

In anticipation of the extra space, we’re carefully building a library of reference books not only on growing food but also on living in a resilient way. We want to be ready. Here’s a sampling: our Rodale Herb Book, one of Amanda’s Diana Gabaldon books, and a book about English culture.

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