Podcast #124 – What Happened To . . . ?

Today’s podcast celebrates and recollects all the things we’re missing around here. First there are the tools: more utility knives than we can count, nearly all the keys that fit our standard padlock, a torpedo level I bought fairly recently, and at least five screwdrivers – for some reason, only flat-bladed screwdrivers – my phillips heads must love it around here. Then there’s the early Spring veg the Farmer-in-Chief planted only to see it disappear without a trace. Then there are the trees on the horizon our neighbor has decided are better used as timber revenue than as animal habitat. Such a shame to see them go. Good news, though: the missing daikon radish seeds turned up safe and sound!

Listen – 21:10

Here’s the wildlife camera I briefly salivated over before deciding we simply couldn’t justify the $550 price tag. Here’s the one we actually ordered. Should arrive shortly.

Here’s the link to Georgia Organics. What a fun conference!

And here’s the link to the Koinonia Community near Americus, Georgia. This documentary, Briars in the Cotton Patch, recounts the sordid history of the violence directed against Koinonia simply because white people and black people had the gall to live together in harmony there.


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