Podcast #127 – Beginners No More

You may already have noticed some subtle changes at Longleaf Breeze: we’ve dropped the description of ourselves as “Beginners Learning Subsistence Farming.” We know we have much still to learn, but it strains credulity to say now that we’re still beginners. This week’s program is a wonderful chance for us to go back and reflect on all the things we DIDN’T know when we first embarked on this adventure about 2 1/2 years ago. We also talk about how our roles have shifted slightly, from bushy-tailed students to teachers always learning. There’s time for a quick report on our latest Organic Moments video, this one on getting water to the compost pile, as well as an update on those magnificent asparagus ferns growing at the south end of row 10.

Listen – 21:05

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Here's a look at our latest project, a 35-foot chicken wire "cage" where Amanda's tender young spring veg can incubate. We acknowledge that this is a desperation move, but we decided we had to do something to keep the rabbits out. We love you, Mr. McGregor!

We had no idea these asparagus ferns would grow this quickly. We had expected this kind of growth would take all season, but this happened within three weeks after we planted the crowns. We'd love to take credit, but we think the unseasonably warm weather was probably the growth inducer.

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