Podcast #130 – About That Lodge . . .

Can you feel the tingle? It’s Amanda’s and my excitement as we watch take shape the lodge we’ve dreamed of, argued about, and planned for.I guess every building goes through this process, but we find ourselves at the stage now where it seems something fun is happening every day. First the insulation, then sheetrock; now the first coat of paint, then subflooring, then kitchen cabinets. Now interior doors, baseboard, crown molding. The wood flooring has arrived!

Okay, I’ll stop. The point is that we are far enough along now to share with you why we’re building it, what is informing its design, and how we hope to use it.

Listen – 19:45

Here's an early morning shot looking up at the lodge from the barn. To the right are the three bays of the pavilion, then the two bays of the screen porch, then the 3 1/2 bays of the conditioned space with the screen porch on the far left.

Here's a shot looking across the inside of the screen porch with the view in the background. To the far right you can see the outdoor prep counter where we hope to be able to serve food and drinks on the screen porch.


Here's a look at the interior of the gathering room with the kitchen cabinets. You can see the baseboard and the beginning of the crown molding that Scott is installing.


And here's a look from the screen porch to the valley below. We may have a few more trees to take down. Just below, you can see the entrance to the storm shelter/root cellar.


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