Podcast #132 – Annual Review Part 1 – Approaching Subsistence

We have fun each year around Mother’s Day when we subject ourselves to our annual review. How are we doing? Are we learning what we set out to learn? Are we making satisfactory progress?

We plan to devote today’s and the following two programs to our annual review, so that we finish on May 10, the Thursday before Mother’s Day. Today we deal with our progress on the first of our three principles, approaching but never reaching subsistence.

We look at fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, clothing, transportation, medicine, electricity, and tools.

Next week on May 3, we’ll ask about our success with our second principle: is it always fun while we’re doing it? We finish on May 10 with that old bugaboo, allness statements. As usual, we are painfully frank with each other and with you, so it should be fun.

Listen — 23:02


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