Podcast #134 – Annual Review Part 3 – No Allness Statements (& Learning)

We finish our annual review today reflecting on the role of allness statements in our farming adventure and the ease with which we avoid them. This just hasn’t been much of a challenge, because it’s not in the DNA of either of us to make categorical statements about anything, especially a subject as challenging and multi-faceted as subsistence farming. That doesn’t stop us, though, from considering a handful of allness statements we COULD have made together with our reasons for not falling into them.

We finish as we had hoped we would by considering our “third and a half” principle – always learning, always teaching. This has developed within the last year or so as we have come to grips with the reality that we can no longer call ourselves beginners with a straight face; we might as well acknowledge that by now we actually know quite a lot about subsistence farming in central Alabama. Both of us are good teachers and both of us derive joy from it, so it comes naturally to us to be teachers.

Next week’s podcast will be a welcome routine to current news of the farm, what we’re planting, what we’re eating, and how we’re doing with the building of that lodge up the hill.

Listen — 19:44


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