Podcast #136 – Shifting Toward Perennials

It was certainly proper for us to focus when we started our farming adventure on annuals, things like okra, tomatoes, squash, beans, and peas. And let’s be honest: we’ll always be growing annuals.  During the last year or so, though, we’ve found ourselves thinking more about and moving more toward perennials, plants we can start and then use for food year after year. We talk today about fruits and nuts, of course, but also asparagus, and sorrel, and leaks, and Jerusalem artichokes. And we finish with our favorite faux perennial, self-seeding green beans.

Listen– 19:58


General Links:

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We won't get any shoots from our asparagus this year, but we're looking forward to years and years of fresh spears!


Here are some of those "faux perennials" we talked about, in this case self-seeded rattlesnake beans that we're having for supper tonight.

These are tiny Dixie muscadine blossoms-to-be growing on Veg Hill. Slightly smaller than a BB, they'll open up in the next few days for pollination.

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