Podcast #138 – Toward a Subsistence Diet

When we Americans prepare food at home, most of us start with a recipe, and then we go to the store to pick up the ingredients we need. Here at Longleaf Breeze, we operate from a different paradigm. We start with what we have on hand, whatever’s lovely and in season. Then we try to figure out the best way to make it tasty and nutritious. There’s lots of variety, but it comes from seasonality rather than from buying different products or trying different recipes. We throw away almost nothing, and when we “throw it away,” we really just move it to compost.

And here’s the thing: in all likelihood you’ll eventually be preparing food the same way we do now, perhaps sooner than we can imagine. You might want to get started now while mistakes aren’t a matter of life and death.

Listen– 20:20


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Here's our supper veg: two quarts of canned green beans and two frozen tomatoes. Yes, you're right; those are fresh tomatoes in the background, but we need to eat the frozen ones to clean out the deep freeze and are saving the fresh ones for salad.

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