Podcast #141 – Producing Through the Heat of the Summer

We’re entering into our “second summer” here in central Alabama, the portion of the summer during which nearly everything tends to slow down on Veg Hill – everything, that is, except the okra. Thank God for okra: it loves this heat the way the rest of us love ice cream.

Amanda and I use today’s program to walk through what has already shut down, what’s still producing well (think okra and tomatoes), and what’s in the ground but not really hitting its stride yet. We finish with our strategies for getting through this heat: keep all plants and animals hydrated, limit our mid-day activities, keep the weeds at bay, and PRAY FOR FALL!

Listen — 22:56

Here’s the link to the Organic Moments video on Seven Ways with Spuds.

Here’s the information Amanda prepared on tomatoes and eggplant:

All there tomatoes taste great. They’re different, but we don’t have any clear favorites for taste yet.

Variety/Determinate (D) vs. Indeterminate (I)


From transplant:

Better Boy (fair production) (I)


All the remaining tomatoes were started from seed:

Sweet Millions (cherry ā€“ good production) (I)

Sun Sugar (cherry ā€“ good production) (I)

Health Kick (fair production, some blossom end rot at first)(D)

Big Beef (fair production) (I)

Cherokee Purple (good production)(I)

Brandywine OTV (good production) (I)

BHN (good production)(D)

Solar Fire (excellent production) (D)

Rutgers (good production) (I)

Brandywine – Suddath strain (late planting, nothing yet)(I)

Types of eggplant:

Listada de Gandia (purple & white-striped skin)

White Beauty (white skin)

Black Beauty (dark purple skin)

General Links:

The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

The Longleaf Breeze Daily Farm Log

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