Podcast #144 – First Fruits

Amanda started hauling in baskets full of food from Veg Hill within weeks after we started our first garden, but we’ve had to be more patient with the fruit trees that are my domain. It’s been three years since we planted our first fruit trees, and only now are we beginning to see the results of our work in the form of fruit we can enjoy eating. We had our first production year for blueberries, and this will be our first production year for muscadines. The apples and pears are setting an isolated fruit here and there but aren’t to production levels yet. Ditto the figs. And we still don’t have our first persimmon, olive, or pomegranate.

Listen — 14:37

Here’s an example of the assortment we’re bringing in these days. The nice big apple with the gentle red blush is an Anna, the smaller apple is a Southern Gold, the small purple figs are brown turkeys, and the larger figs are all LSU Gold. Delicious!


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