Podcast #147 – Making a Clothesline Work for You

There’s no question that putting in a stout, generous clothesline was the right decision for us. We love it because it’s quiet, it saves energy, and it never breaks down. Whether it’s the right call for you will depend on the space available, your tastes, and your daytime schedule. Today’s program is our chance to report what we’ve learned about clotheslines during the two years we’ve been using ours. Like how much better they work in the summer than in the winter. Like how important it is to keep the grass healthy under them.

Listen — 20:17

Here’s my post about the first use of our clothesline in July of 2010. So that means we been using our clothesline for about two years now.





As promised, here’s a picture of the two folding racks we use indoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate with our using the clothesline.

And here are the same racks folded for storage.

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