Podcast #149 – Transitioning to the Fall

It’s that time of year when we wait eagerly for the first signs that fall is in the air, but of course we can’t wait for those signs before we plan for cooler weather. (It also helps us keep our sanity when we’re enduring another sweltering September day.)

Our big agenda this fall will be what we’ve taken to calling the “Veg Hill Reboot,” a sort of “do-over” for the vegetable garden. We’ll start by pulling all drip header and drip tape, as well as all t-posts and all trellises except the permanent trellis supporting the muscadines. Then we’ll disk or till all the soil on Veg Hill, row and aisle alike. This is the brainchild of the Farmer-in-Chief, who’s hoping it will bring the weeds back to a level at which she can control them.

Listen — 15:52


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