Podcast #150 – The Fruits of 2012

We’re still picking muscadines, but they’re past their peak. And when they’re done in a few days, we will have enjoyed the last of the fruit of this season. So today’s podcast is a comprehensive review of the 2012 fruit season, beginning with that freakishly warm winter and historically low chilling hours, through the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches (not a one this year), figs (one of the bright spots), persimmons (two formed but dropped off before ripening), muscadines (wonderful production), apples (a few actually made it), and pears (only one pear).

Listen — 20:17

As promised, here’s the web site I use to monitor chilling hours in Alabama. And here’s an explanation about why chilling hours are important to fruit production.

This is the last muscadine to bear, a Granny Val. When it’s finished, our fruit season will be over for the year.


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