Podcast #159 – So You Want To “Go Solar” – Part 2

Last week we talked about direct solar energy – things like using the heat of the sun to heat our home, to cook, and to dry our clothes. This week we shift our focus to indirect solar. Heating with wood is an important use of indirect solar energy. and we certainly reap the benefit of it when Amanda relaxes by the warmth of the wood stove. And our use of the sun’s energy to grow food is pivotal to our approach to subsistence.

We understand. though, that photovoltaic panels are what people think about when they hear about solar energy, so we have a lot to say about PV this week. We talk about the best way to lay the groundwork for PV, the cost of a PV installation, where to put the panels, and what to expect from them. We also share some good news about how long panels last.

Listen – 23:16

Here’s the page describing our long-range plan for water management, which includes the use of PV for pumping the water.


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