Podcast #161 – The Raised Beds Are Ready; Now What?

Our primary goal this fall (well, primary after the time-consuming task of managing the massive injury of my left arm) has been to complete the conversion of Veg Hill to raised beds. It’s the initiative we’ve taken to calling Veg Hill 2.0. The conversion took a nice leap forward this week when my brother Tom (we’re going to need to do something really nice to honor him for all his splendid and selfless work) and I finished beds #6, 7, and 8, completing the 12 beds we had planned for the first phase of construction. So Amanda and I devote this week’s podcast to the raised beds: what we’ve already planted and where, what we plan to do next, and how they fit in with our philosophy of 12-month production.

I promised you an update on the planting date for the fall veg. I looked it up on the Longleaf Breeze Planting Database. It was October 1.

Listen – 20:12

Amanda checking on her broccoli and brussels sprouts in #14. Those are collards to her right in #13.


The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

The Longleaf Breeze Daily Farm Log

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