Podcast #190 – Managing Humidity in the Deep South

Don’t get us wrong; we love living and growing in Dixie. We love the four distinct seasons (okay, maybe three – spring’s pretty much a mirage), we’re hooked on growing fall veg straight through the winter, and you just can’t beat October.

But the price we pay is humidity in the summertime. As we said at the beginning of today’s program, this is not so much “what to do” as “what to do?” We talk some about the advantages of high humidity and of course the disadvantages, and we discuss how we’re coping in our growing and in how we live. Hint: a significant portion of our strategy is “get used to it.”

Listen – 19:26

harvester peaches for site

We’re delighted to be able to enjoy these peaches from our harvester peach tree, but peaches are one of many crops that are difficult to grow organically in the hot, humid South.


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