Podcast #199 – Climate Change and Your Garden

The weather seems to get weirder every year, not necessarily hotter and drier (which is the general trend we’re told to expect in the South), just weirder. This summer, for example has been unusually cool and wet, coming as it did after yet another freakily mild winter.

It’s not good, because it means we gardeners know less of what to expect each year. How can we adapt to that? Amanda and I summarized our thoughts about this with the Tallapoosa County Master Gardeners last week, and we thought you might find it interesting. We apologize for the length, but there’s a lot to cover!

Listen – 36:58

As you listen, you’ll want to follow along and see the slides we prepared for the presentation:

The toxin in poison ivy that we were struggling to remember is urushiol.

The Longleaf Breeze Perennial Farm Calendar

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