Podcast #201 – Dr David Domermuth – Making Biochar Economically

We’ve heard about how the addition of biochar can dramatically improve the tilth and fertility of soil, but we’ve not been able to make enough to make it seem worthwhile. Now help may be on the way.

In today’s podcast we visit with Dr David Domermuth, an associate professor in the Department of Technology and Environmental Design at Appalachian State University. He and his team are developing and refining a process called “bio-volitization” that can convert wood chips into biochar while harnessing the by-products of the manufacturing process to do useful work. Put the package together, and the production of biochar in quantity can become productive not only agriculturally but economically as well.

Listen – 19:28

Here’s the video Dr Domermuth and his team put together that demonstrates how the process works:

The Longleaf Breeze Perennial Farm Calendar

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