Podcast #204 – Erik Curren of Transition Voice on Sustainable Farming “Mania”

We pay close attention to Transition Voice. Co-editors Erik and Lindsay Curren serve up a consistent helping of wisdom, insight, and fresh thinking about the challenges we humans face.

sustainable farming articleSo when Erik posted earlier this month that he was getting frustrated by what he called “sustainable farming mania,” you can understand why it got our attention. We immediately reached out to Erik, which resulted in the conversation we share with you today.

erik currenAmanda and I talk about what it’s like to leave the city behind and the sense of isolation we sometimes feel in the country. Erik shares the frustration he sometimes feels that he’s stuck in the city and missing all the fun farmers are having. At the same time, we compare notes on Erik’s joyful excitement of living in the close community of the city as well as the tranquility of life on the farm for Lee and Amanda. We have much to learn from each other; I hope we’ll have more conversations like this one.

Listen – 23:51

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