Podcast #219 – Food Sovereignty Down Under

This week we learn about the People’s Food Plan for Australia; we visit with Nick Rose, the National Coordinator of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.

nick roseIn sharp contrast to the Food Plan produced by the Australian federal government, the People’s Food Plan reflects the views, concerns of food consumers, family farmers, big and small retailers, restauranteurs, and environmentalists.

Listen – 27:30

Here’s the web site of the Alliance.

Here’s the page with the various drafts and contributions to the People’s Food Plan. Reflecting its broad-based authorship, the People’s Food Plan continues to change over time.

Here’s a video from the Alliance telling part of the story of Australia’s small farmers

Nick is planning a trip to the US this summer. There’s a remote chance his travels might include a stay in the lodge here at Longleaf Breeze. As his plans firm up, and as he shares them with us, we’ll post them here.

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