Podcast #264 – We Are Thankful for . . .

We take the opportunity this time each year to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to stop and celebrate all the blessings for which we are thankful. And this year we have a full list.

We’re thankful for food put by, for food growing in the ground through the winter, for hens ready to grace our stewpot, and for laying hens coming on this Spring. We’re grateful for firewood to keep warm and shade to keep cool. We’re thankful for this podcast and for our health. We’re especially grateful for the relationships that give us life, relationships with our church, with Master Gardener friends, with people in the Tallassee community, for our family, and for each other.

We hope this is a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and for those you love. Oh, one other thing that didn’t make it onto the podcast. The chimes change their music according to the liturgical season, so we’re grateful we’re about to arrive at the Season of Advent and hear some new music!

Listen – 19:47

We rotate responsibilities for my extended family's Thanksgiving gathering (60 people +/-). This year Amanda's in charge of dressing. Lookin' good!

We rotate responsibilities for my extended family’s Thanksgiving gathering (60 people +/-). This year Amanda’s in charge of dressing. Lookin’ good!

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