Podcast #31 – Is Bare Soil SO Bad? 2

We’ve heard over and over that you don’t want bare soil when you’re planting. But all that mulch that looked so good when we planted is a big pain when it’s time to weed.

Also: pruning muscadines, pruning fruit trees, finishing the clothesline, planting centipede grass, compost plan F, compost volunteers, gearing up for irrigation, and Amanda’s work watering everything in sight.

Listen – 17:48

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #31 – Is Bare Soil SO Bad?

  • Lee

    We’re slowly learning what works and what doesn’t on Veg Hill. The current default is to lay down newspaper or cardboard, then to mulch on top of that. Protects the drip tape, suppresses the weeds, conserves moisture and slows down erosion, and seems to give the critters a fun place to hang out. And yes, we use the lawn mower between rows when we have to.