Podcast #37 – Can We Grow Enough Food? 3

One of our three basic principles is that we are approaching but will never reach subsistence. We know we will always need to buy things off the farm. But shouldn’t we be growing all the veg we need during the summer? We’re not even doing that yet.

Why aren’t we harvesting more? Also: Veg Hill update, nasty storm on Sunday, a new tomato trellis, coping with humidity, drip irrigation lines moving around, ready to call the Horse Pal a success

Listen – 21:02

Our Three Simple Principles (old post)

Podcast #2 – Approaching Subsistence

Amanda's lunch, almost all from Veg Hill

Amanda's lunch, almost all from Veg Hill

(Yet Another) Way to Trellis Tomatoes

First Report on the Horse Pal

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