Podcast #62 – A Merry UnChristmas at the Farm

It doesn’t look much like Christmas at Longleaf Breeze this year. We plan to be traveling around Christmas, so it didn’t make much sense to go all out decorating.

Lee couldn’t be happier, but Amanda feels something important is missing. Also: drip irrigation: Why talk about it now? What it has cost us to install and run, the difference it’s made, and our plans for irrigating the orchard. We finish with what we did right and wrong with drip irrigation.

Listen – 23:37

Podcast #35 – We Love Drip Irrigation!

Have Traded Dryer for Food – describing how the power consumption of the drip irrigation pump is about the same as our electric dryer.

Designing a Resilient Energy/Water System for Our Farm – including how drip irrigation fits into the overall plan

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