Podcast #64 – The Orchard Expansion is Underway! 2

Happy new year! In our first podcast of 2011, we celebrate the beginning of the long-planned orchard expansion. Our decision to remove the stumps (which was a harder decision than you might think), all about cutting down all those lovely trees, what to do with the firewood and mulch, and whether we’ll be able to plant any trees this year.

Also: compost in waiting, electrical changes here in the barn, our new chimes, and Lee’s new tractor.

Listen – 20:26

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #64 – The Orchard Expansion is Underway!

  • Jonathon Meeks

    Once you’ve gotten the tree’s down you can get ride of the stumps by drilling several vertical holes into the stump and pouring butter milk in the holes. Mother says this will get ride of a stump about three feet in diameter and three feet high in about six months. That’s the stump and the root system. I believe the milk probably provides food for micro organisms and therefore speeds up decomposition of course it could be anything. Either way, this method is much slower, but uses a lot less carbon than machinery.

  • Lee

    What a nice idea! We had drilled several holes in some of our stumps but hadn’t heard about the buttermilk. Do you need to keep replenishing the buttermilk, or does one filling do it?