Podcast #67 – Debriefing on Southern SAWG 1

We always enjoy our time hanging out with other southern organic farmers at Southern SAWG. We have noticed, though, that with each passing year the new information is less dramatic, more subtle.

These are mostly commercial farmers, not into subsistence as we are, so we have to be careful to choose our programs carefully. We got to see another working farm, learned about cover crops and building marginal soil, controlling pests organically, mushroom production, and hoop houses. And the young people. So many young organic farmers!

Listen – 20:28

Here’s the link to Southern SAWG. The conference next year will be in Little Rock.

The mushroom guy we talked about is Tradd Cotter. Here’s the link to his Mushroom Mountain site.

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One thought on “Podcast #67 – Debriefing on Southern SAWG

  • Jonathon Meeks

    I’m glad you folks are thinking about getting chickens soon! Although, I will say I think y’all are afraid that they are a bigger step than they really are. I would recommend Murray McMurray hatchery if you are going to order chicks. I have ordered from them before and their customer service is great. I’m also glad to hear that your less afraid of farming on a hill. The main cultivation area on the farm I grew up on was on a hill; it was terraces over a century ago. I put pictures of the farm on my facebook just for y’all to make it easier to visualize the some of the things we talked about during my visit(the spring, for example). And lastly but not leastly, I think I may know what your mystery tree is. Does it have biggish heart shaped leaves, small flowers that grow in bunches at the ends of the branches, and seed pods that are heart shaped and split in half to release seed? If it does, then it’s an empress tree though I have heard it erroneously called a cottonwood. It’s native to China.