Podcast #72 – Subsistence Farming After Peak Oil

This is not about how society will fare; we’re looking at our little corner of the world, because that’s what we know. We know petroleum will get more expensive, but then our certainty breaks down. Will the electrical grid stay reliable (probably not)? Will there be a general collapse of economic activity? A collapse of law and order? If there is, will our lodge fill up with family members?

Also: we consider basic human needs like air, water, food, shelter, and relationships. Where are we well positioned? Where do we still have work to do?

Listen – 20:32

Energy: What Actually Matters – this is the column from John Michael Greer I mentioned that got me thinking about basic human needs.

Designing a Resilient Energy/Water System for Our Farm – a description of the system we hope to build to make our home comfortable and living without a reliable electrical grid

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