Podcast #81 – We Mourn With Our State

It was the afternoon of last week’s podcast when Alabama found itself in the bulls eye of a massive storm system that killed 236 people and caused untold property damage. It will be years before some of the hardest hit areas recover.

Today we pause to remember those who died and to express our gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of people who are working to help people in the stricken areas. Also: delayed planting, orchard update, Lee’s fix on the Tractor, a dog joins our family, and Lee’s preparation for taking the ham radio exam.

Listen – 20:56

Here’s the link to make a donation to the American Red Cross (it’s what we did).

celeste-for-webHere’s the tiny leaf forming at the base of our 1-year old Celeste fig that we had given up for dead.

oddie-for-webAnd here’s Oddie, the 2-3 year springer spaniel who found us this week.

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