Podcast #83 – Spring Planting

The Farmer-in-Chief is putting in long hours planting these days. We review in this week’s podcast all that we’re putting in the ground and what we’re expecting.

The peas, strawberries, and collards are producing great now, and we can harvest onion and garlic anytime we want. Beginning to get some tomatoes every day. Amanda has planted, lots of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and melons. Along with the tomatoes she’s also planted eggplant and peppers (which have the dubious distinction of having attracted the first hornworm of the season). We have about 200 feet of okra in the ground, including a new variety we’re trying for the first time this year. We need to trellis the sweet potatoes and cucumbers, as well as 140 feet x 2 (280 feet) of lima beans and pole beans. Still to plant: corn and sunn hemp.

Listen – 20:00

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