Podcast #84 – Cover Crops and Crop Rotation 1

In central Alabama where we live and grow, cover crops are where it’s at. Without them, our soil would quickly become depleted of organic matter.

We haven’t been paying attention to cover crops, but we’re resolved to do better. Our core strategy now is to use a fall (read that fall, winter, and early spring) cover crop on all but about two rows of Veg Hill and all the orchard floor. Also: Amanda’s aches and pains and how we’re dealing with them.

Listen – 18:57

Here’s a page featuring Jeff Moyer at Rodale. I called him “Ag Director,” but his correct title is “Farm Manager.”

Here’s more information about our use of sunn hemp last year on the east side of Veg Hill.

Here’s our podcast last December extolling the virtues of fall veg.

Here’s today’s update on the trials and tribulations of squash bugs on the cucurbits.

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One thought on “Podcast #84 – Cover Crops and Crop Rotation

  • James ( Red ) Smith

    What plates did you use in your earth way seeder to plant sunn hemp. Did the son hemp regrow after you cut it off. I had herd cut it off 1 foot above ground . Didnt yall cut yours off 2 foot or better. How did the sunn Hemp decompose that you left on top of the ground. James