Podcast #86 – Just Hangin’ On

This is still Spring, but it feels like hot summertime. So dry, so hot. Amanda and I are handling it okay; we haven’t needed to use the air conditioning other than for company. But our plants – that’s another story.

We’re awfully grateful for our drip irrigation; among other things, it has kept our veg and our orchard trees from dying. But this period of Spring is usually the time when everything grows aggressively and sets up for the long hot summer ahead, and we’re missing that period of growth. Also: our work on the Master Gardener Help Line, preparing Gran’s chocolate cake for 200, and bucking up the downed trees from the orchard expansion.

Listen – 20:21

Here’s the link to the Master Gardener Help Line. I honestly can’t speak for the Master Gardener groups that cover the other days, but I can tell you that if you call on a Thursday, you’ll get good information.

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The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

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