Podcast #88 – If Spring Was Summer, What Will Summer Be?

The last half of the Spring here at Longleaf Breeze has been like what we see in the summer, highs in the 90s every day for weeks, and no rain, not even an afternoon thundershower. And today is the first full day of Summer. Will Summer be even worse?

We have a normal rhythm of seasons around here, germination and fast growth in the Spring, slow growth through the drought and heat of summer, faster growth during the cool but dry fall, and then very slow growth through the winter. (That’s right: things grow here 12 months out of the year. Those of you in the north, read that and weep; it’s our compensation for enduring these miserable summers).

This year the Spring has looked for all the world like summer, so we have no idea what to expect during the summer. Will it be a normal summer (hot and dry)? A Super-Summer (even hotter and even drier)? Or will we get during the summer that cool wet weather we expected in the Spring? Also: Lee’s a baking fool and Amanda’s systematic approach to controlling weeds in the aisles of Veg Hill.

Listen – 19:51

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