Podcast #89 – Endings

Why would we talk about Endings at the beginning of the Summer? Beats me, but that’s the way it worked out.

We talk about the end of blueberry season (at least for us), the end of the strawberries, and we dream (probably futilely) of the end of the weeds on Veg Hill. We also talk of the end of the seemingly inexhaustible supply of 3/4″ PVC pipe and the end of having to buy that high-priced bread at Costco and Earth Fare. We may be jumping the gun, but we hope the two big rains we got last week and yesterday may mean the end of the drought we suffered in the Spring.

We talk about the end of the garlic, cabbage, and kale, and we talk about the end of growth in Lee’s use of the Internet.

Listen – 19:32

Oakachoy Nursery and Blueberry Farm – where we picked 5 gallons of blueberries this week. Tell George we said hey!

3/4″ PVC Pipe – RIP – all about how we came by so much PVC and how we’ve slowly found uses for it on the farm.

Light, Fluffy Homeade Whole Wheat Rolls – including the recipe. Yum!

Too Much Bandwidth; Too Much Internet – my private struggle to lessen my reliance on the brittle technology of the Internet

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