Podcast #94 – Giving Food Away

As you know by now, the Farmer-in-Chief is racing to keep up with the produce that’s ripening on Veg Hill. Daily she brings in big baskets of food.

Our philosophy is we eat what we want, store what we can, and give away the rest. And “the rest” is a lot these days. Today’s podcast is about how much fun it is to give food away, how it fits in the gift economy, and our hopes for what we can give away in the future.

Listen – 19:50

Envisioning a Gift Economy – describing the gift economy, why it makes sense, and how it works

What Will We Contribute to the Gift Economy? – our best guess about how we can prime the gift economy pump

The Independence Days Challenge – Sharon Astyk’s description of the weekly rhythm of food management. With apologies to Sharon, here are the functions with food we try to carry out at least regularly, if not weekly:

  • Plant something
  • Harvest something
  • Preserve something
  • Eat something
  • Give something away

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